Each Jamescyn is unique unto itself,  lovingly created to delight the aesthetic senses.


Is that a JAMESCYN?

A lifetime of experience in the arts and theatre, around the world from the palaces of Russia to the cobblestone streets  of Dublin, has been the inspiration for the Jamescyn collection of extraordinary, hand made handbags, clutches, and purses.  Extraordinary handbags for extraordinary women, and made in the tradition of haute couture.

Cynthia studied at the Royal Ballet School in London, and she now specializes in the choreography and technique of Isadora Duncan. (www.isadoradances.com.)  Her work as a dancer and choreographer has expanded into a career as a costumière and couturière for dance, opera, and musical theatre.

Cynthia has brought the expected excellence of an artistic lifetime to her Jamescyn  sui generis collection of designer handbags and reticules … uniquely and lovingly created, with hand sewn finishing touches and exquisite attention to detail, using leather, rich tapestries, velvets, and iridescent  and dupioni silks, to delight the aesthetic senses.


© Cynthia James 2017
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